Danvers Pizza & Subs is owned and operated by John and Chanda Ellis. Married right out of high school, John and Chanda have been grinding away in the restaurant industry for the past eight years. John started as a grill cook in a busy pizza shop in Lowell and eventually moved on to be a fry cook in a full service, scratch kitchen. Working every day to learn the ins and outs of the fast paced food service industry, John rose through the ranks at a fast pace. Working with that brand for several years and opening three locations with them, eventually being promoted to Head Chef of one of those locations. Chanda started as a host and her friendly, hard working, and driven attitude promoted her through every role a restaurant has to offer. Eventually settling into a marketing and event management position. Chanda is dedicated to upstanding customer service and is always willing to go the extra mile. With their combined experience and drive for success, they decided to branch off on their own. Promising fresh and delicious food that is always sold in a positive and friendly environment. Our goal is to bring classic ingredients together for great food, you won’t believe is take out. Find us on 114 in Danvers!
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